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Compact, easy to use and perfectly secure, Etna Lift homelifts are specially designed to fit inside your home. The « Essentials » collection, our basic range, offers the best value for money.

Like all private elevator Etna Lift, Essentials are specially created to take place in your home: one-storey house or more, duplex apartment or triplex. Space-saving and easy to use, these private elevators operate by means of a hydraulic cylinder that takes up much less volume than the machinery of a collective elevator.

Standard or custom dimensions

The « Essentials » home lifts collection benefit from all the technical qualities and safety features of the Etna Lift appliances. They are available in 4 standard cab sizes (S-M-L-XL): space saving, convenient, comfort or extra-large.
To adapt perfectly to an existing space, the cabins can also be designed and assembled to measure.

6 Interior Options

The Essentials’s home lifts are characterized by a sturdy yet lightweight cabin, made of a mechanic-welded steel structure and an anodized aluminum frame, clad in melamine finish panels.
The interior decor is available in 6 colors: white, blue, gray, taupe, maple, exotic wood. The floor of the cabin is covered with a gray “waxed concrete” PVC coating effect.
The control panel Interior, decorated with an horizontal grab bar and a vertical mirror, is placed midway up the cabin.

An accessible comfort

The simple technology and the small size of our individual elevators allow us to offer them at a very attractive price, within the reach of individuals. This comfort equipment offering total mobility in the house does not cost more than a small city car!
Our most accessible model is the elevator on 2 levels, with maintained pressure control and doors manual.

The “essential” home lifts are our best sellers: will you be seduced too?

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