Open Platform Lifts

The Open Wheelchair Platform Lift is the ultimate in design inspiration. It can be installed in internal and external applications.

The open wheelchair platform lift allows travel up to three metres and is the perfect solution to any low rise lifting needs.

Ease of use is of paramount importance throughout the range of open platforms we offer. They are easily used and the control systems easily accessed by those with reduced mobility.

The open wheelchair platform lift range we offer are aesthetically pleasing and footprint-conscious design, these lifts will be an asset to any project, domestic or commercial.

Why an Open Platform?

Reliable and hard wearing.

5 year anti-corrosion warranty.

Minimal building works.

Aesthetically pleasing design.

Standard compliant (BS 6440:2011).

Easy to install.

Intuitive to use rocker switch controls.

Internally or externally applicable.

Durable powder finish coating (Blue Sable).


Screwdrive lift
No machine room needed
Cost effective
Space saving
Glass and steel finish options
Up to 400KG
Up to 3M

Which model is for you?

For domestic open platform lift we recommend the Wessex range, but a good place to start is by looking at what you need out of the lift and what each model can do for you. For example, if you need to transport a large, powered wheelchair, the LR 1100 could fit your requirements – but if you’re dealing with a smaller, more enclosed space, the LR 800 may be more suitable for you. Take a look at the list below and see which apply to you;

  • LR 800 – Platform Dimensions 1450 x 800 mm – Footprint Dimensions 1885 x 1004 mm
  • LR 900 – Platform Dimensions 1450 x 900 mm – Footprint Dimensions 1885 x 1104 mm
  • LR 1100 – Platform Dimensions 1450 x 1100 mm – Footprint Dimensions 1885 x 1304 mm

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Wessex Open Platform Brochure


Barduva RB 150 Open Platform

Barduva RB 150