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Raloe’s ”MyDomestic” range is a personal lift that can be installed either in a domestic or commercial environment.  The hydraulic equipment is exclusively designed for carrying people, providing an unprecedented level of comfort and reliability by the means of the latest Blain electronically controlled valve blocks. It has a huge range of options from automatic door operators to stainless steel car walls and marble floors and automatic emergency release as standard.  Furthermore we guarantee a maximum of safety with reference to European Machinery directive Standards EN 81.41

Why Choose Raloe!

Maximum safety: We have extensively studied its structure in order to guarantee the lift safety levels.

Decorative adaptability: The Armony can be provide the same decoration as any other lift (car model, automatic doors, etc.).

Functionally designed, with only 200mm lift required!

Single-phase: Operating on a single-phase supply 220 V.

Optimisation of space: Best optimization available shaft.

Speedy installation (4-5 days).

Customisable interior.

Emergency: We have equipped it with a rescue system that makes it possible to evacuate people in the event of a power failure.

How is the Raloe powered in a domestic single phase supply?

• Single-phase (0,30 m/s)
In order to satisfy specific demands, such as domestic single–phase 0,30 m/s., we already develop a solution through electrical panels which include a frequency converter, which transforms the single–phase voltage into 3-phase power for the central motor.

At the same time, the entire motor unit control is performed during the upward movement, managing to reduce the starting consumption and regulate the acceleration and deceleration ramps in an optimal way.
The lowering movement is done through 2 speed valves with a Blain cushioned stop.
Finally, we add a double safety valve, consistent in additional lowering valve connected to the final hydraulic central circuit.
With this combination we get a great comfort both uphill and downhill.
Depending on the load and the travel we can use 3, 4.5, 5 and 6,5 HP motors.

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