Enclosed Platform Lifts

SB200 is a vertical platform lift assembled using high quality materials and designed to meet the characteristics of ultimate performance and outstanding aesthetics. Passengers are lifted by the platform inside the shaft which is constructed of special multi-layer aluminium sandwich type panels or glass panels. The platform is moving at a maximum speed of 0.15 m/s. Every trip starts and ends with exceptional smoothness. The platform, the control panel and its buttons are adapted to be used by any category of passengers, including wheelchair users and the visually impaired. A screw driven system ensures durability and the highest level of security compared to other types of drives used in similar platform lifts. Platform control system supports up to 6 stops and 3 doors at each stop.

Why an Enclosed Platform?

Flexible design

Low space requirements

High level of security

Power-saving technologies

Versatile digital control system

Smooth adjustable movement

Fast and intuitive installation

Exterior design options under rough climate

Durable screw drive

Wide range of options and accessories

Mode Details

The absence of the lift cabin in SB200 lets us make a spacious and light platform. A standard platform (1,485 x 1,070 mm) ensures a comfortable journey for a person with a wheelchair and his attendant. The control of the platform is very simple and intuitive, with a stable system to incorrect commands or its consequences. A passenger may stop and resume the movement at any time of the trip and even change the lift’s moving direction. The beginning and the ending of the lifting process are performed in very smooth easing algorithms and don’t evoke any uncomfortable feelings for sensitive people. A uniformly backlit control panel, with a comfortable handle below, contains large buttons with embossed symbols at a convenient height for access from sitting or standing positions.
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